Openness and flow are at the centre of our Budapest design hotel's new design concept that integrates urban living with the life of the hotel.

Lánchíd 19 Boutique Hotel Budapest beltér

Lánchíd 19 Boutique Hotel Budapest étterem

Lánchíd 19 Boutique Hotel Budapest lobby

Lánchíd 19 Boutique Hotel Budapest homlokzat este

Design is in constant renewal in our world—today’s design has to cater to the desires and needs of the next generation as well. This is at the heart of our 2018 renewal. Changes in the hotel’s surroundings have made way for a new concept that integrates urban living with the life of the Budapest design hotel. The design strategy of architect and designer Dóra Fónagy is built on the principles of dynamism and openness, while the colour concept of Richárd Orosz focuses on the flow of colours from ground to top floor.

Openness and flow are at the centre of our new design concept: Openness to the city and flow from the Danube to Buda Castle through Lánchíd 19 Design Hotel. It is important to us that our guests have the opportunity to feel integrated into the city and city life, while also feeling at home in our hotel. Our flexible and dynamic spaces are also beckoning to the locals. The unique interior features the L19 Bistro, a truly integrated part of the street, which serves as a meeting point of locals and hotel guests.

Budapest design hotel Lánchíd 19 is a living synthesis of international brands and the works of local designers. Developed along the lines of the most recent design trends, our renewed rooms are complemented by products of cutting-edge designers such as Cappellini, Moooi, and MENU. Flow and dynamism grows through the hotel like a Tree of Life. Reaching higher and higher across the floors, colours become increasingly tinted and light. The atmosphere of each of the three panorama suites located on the top floor of this downtown hotel is also defined by a certain international trend and a major brand: Cappellini, Living Divani, Moooi.

The city center hotel’s facade is animated by the changing colors of an innovative lighting design concept. Glass is one of the dominant materials in the interiors as well, creating a sense of openness and allowing movement to become an integral part of the building’s character.The lobby itself is equally dramatic with its transparent floor revealing the ruins of a medieval water tower a level below, serving as architectural contrast for the innovative atrium, where overhead glass suspension bridges hold sandblasted fingerprints of the creators of the hotel. Also in the atrium, guests find three paintings (Break of Day, Firebird, Enthusiasm) of famous French painter Ms. Francoise Gilot – also known as a companion of Picasso.

Our design concept of previous years

In Lánchíd 19 design hotel **** Budapest each room features a different creative installation inspired by the modern chairs. Many young artists of different fields (e.g. graphic designers, photographers, fashion designers) connected by their approach to play and experiment worked together in kind of workshops to make up the creative solutions meeting the needs of the multicultural guests of the hotel. This resulted in all the 45 rooms and 3 suites having an individual look. The walls feature the creative stories inspired by the modern chairs of well-known designers in the rooms, as if the recollections, fantasies and understandings of the guests entering the rooms were projected on the walls. Some of the rooms invite for a creative play, thus guests have a weekly wardrobe to dress an Erwan&Ronan Bouroullec chair, a George G. Sowden chair to watch a movie with, Philippe Starck’s Louis & Victoria Ghost to have a dance lesson with. Guests may also find themselves in a wedding ceremony, where a white Panton chair is the bride.

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