Hősök tere Budapest

14 beautiful metal statues in a row – who are they? You can follow the history of Hungary by watching this tourist attraction. Seven of them are original tribal leaders bringing their tribes to the Carpathian basin to conquer the territory that is now Hungary. They are: Árpád, Előd, Huba, Kond, Ond, Tas, Tétény. There are several statues of kings with major impact of the nation’s life: eg. the first king of Hungary, St. Stephen. He is also known as the Founder of the State. Probably one of the greatest and most popular kings of our history is also present there: Matthias Corvinus. Leader of the Hungarian revolution of 1848, Lajos Kossuth’s sculpture can also be seen there.

Heroes’ Square is a major starting point for tourists visiting this part of Budapest. There are two great museums by the side of the square, a zoo and a great recreational park nearby.

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