Lanchid 19 design hotel Budapest participates at Design Week each year. This year’s programs are:

Facade light show

The glass facade of the Lánchíd 19 design hotel functioning as a kind of “lighthouse” on the Danube is an original fine art creation of young Hungarian artists. It has become a tradition that during Budapest Design Week different magnificent colours are displayed on the facade of the hotel lending a bit of variety and uniqueness to the city.

Lánchíd 19 is a dedicated supporter of Hungarian design, its 48 rooms are decorated with the works of young Hungarian creative artists.

Let’s Face the wall – contemporary art exhibition

The exhibition aims at presenting artworks as integral elements of everyday living spaces by treating walls and objects displayed on them as parts of the interior. The concept toys with the idea that the presence of faces and figures abstracted by art is a valid choice in public spaces, while portraits taken of close relatives are commonly used objects in intimate interiors  brought about by subjective motivation. At the same time, the exhibition demonstrates that fine art appearing in interior spaces – even if the interior is presented as a kind of “design element” – is supposed to rely on interesting, unique and high quality works of art.

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